New Domain/Site Setup to CMS

Please do not modify this page without first seeing IT. If a step is broken or doesn't work, please see IT.


  1. How to Setup a Site
  2. Requirements for Parked Sites
  3. Domain Words

Section 1: How to Setup a Site

This document assumes you have already purchased the domain from GoDaddy. If you haven't, please see someone from IT or Weblab.

You should check out the document about SEO before creating a website.

Domain Setup

  1. Once new domain is purchased, contact IT to update nameservers.

Setup Site Links in One View

  1. Go to One View and go to Site Manager > Links > Manage Sites.
  2. Add the site in the form at the bottom of the page.

Setup Site in CMS

  1. In CMS, go to Manage Sites and Pages then click on New Website.
  2. Please fill in all required fields keeping the following in mind:
    • Meta keywords: Do not attempt to fill in this area without performing the due diligence in AdWords.
    • Meta description: This is the description that shows up during a search in various search engines. This needs to be a concise, well written statement that is keyword rich and tells exactly what the site offers.
    • Logo: Do not attempt to put a grill for the site logo.
    Save the site.
This step will add your domain to the DNS list, however this does not happen automatically. Domains are refreshed daily at six hour intervals. Your site may not work until that refresh takes place. If you need the site live faster, please see IT.

Obtaining Third-Party Codes

Google Analytics

  1. Go to Google Analytics and login with the e-mail address [email protected] and the password supplied to you by Weblab or IT.
  2. Find the Analytics account that relates to the site. For example, client sites should go under the "Client Sites" account while a pillow site should go under the "Cushions and Pillows" account. If the account isn't listed, please either create one or see IT that can create it for you.
  3. At the bottom of the account page click "Add Website Profile".
  4. Select "Add a Profile for a new domain".
  5. Enter in all information about the site and remember to change the time zone to Central Time.
  6. When you save the site you will be given a script. You must find the following line -- _gat._getTracker("UA-2918104-28"); -- and copy the code between the quotes. In this case, UA-2918104-28.

Google Verification

  1. Go to Google Analytics and login with the e-mail address [email protected] and the password supplied to you by Weblab or IT.
  2. Click "Add a site..." and paste the URL in.
  3. Choose "Add a meta tag to your site's home page"
  4. Copy the long code between the quotes and save it in the Google Verification field when you setup the site in CMS.


  1. Go to reCAPTCHA and login with the e-mail address [email protected] and the password supplied to you by Weblab or IT.
  2. Click "Add a New Site" and paste the URL in.
  3. You will then be given a public and private code, save it to place into the reCAPTCHA field when you setup the site in CMS.

Section 2: Requirements for Parked Sites

  • Title and Tag Line need to contain the key search term from url.
  • Meta Keywords must contain at least seven of the top one or two word keywords, separated by commas, that are relevant to the site (look at other similar Live sites for keyword ideas, consult AdWords, or ask someone in weblab)
  • Meta Description must be a concise sentence that tells what we are, while repeating the name of the site (this is the description for each page that shows up in the search engines' results)
  • Site should contain the OCG logo at the least. Please do not place a grill as the logo or page image.
  • Under Optional Pages, choose: Contact Us, Dropship Service, and International Shipping
  • Under Shared Information, select all of the required pages.
  • Google products, phone and chat should be disabled for the site.
  • Enable the cart.
  • FAQ page should have at least five relevant questions.
  • Attach a focus product to the homepage.
  • Send the focus product to
  • Verify the site doesn't have a grill on the homepage or as the logo and everything looks ok.

Section 3: Domain Words

These are a few of the words OCG likes to see used when attempting to secure a new domain:

  • mart
  • shoppe
  • fine
  • depot
  • direct
  • nmore
  • more
  • authority
  • simply
  • just
  • hq
  • plus
  • discount
  • clearance
  • now
  • marketplace
  • complete
  • max
  • supercenter
  • abundant
  • great
  • galore
  • avantage
  • budget
  • value
  • firm
  • group
  • corp
  • makers
  • llc
  • dept
  • deptstore
  • manufacturer
  • superstore
  • experts
  • usa
  • specialist
  • pros
  • craftsman
  • plans
  • resource
  • designs
  • all
  • designer
  • unique
  • quality
  • source
  • international
  • project
  • center
  • enterprise
  • pronto
  • cushio
  • right away
  • exclusive
  • finished
  • un-finished
  • shop
  • outlet
  • collection
  • catalog
  • showroom
  • outdoors
  • indoors

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