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Copy Blogger is a great resource for article, email, and content writers.

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Website Magazine is a great resource. I highly advise signing up for their newsletter. The free magazine they offer is chock full of pertinent info for us.


  1. Do not use any <font>, <span> or any other additional in-line style coding in the page content. All instances need to be removed.
  2. <br> is not correct, it is <br /> and it is to be rarely used. I removed more than 75 instances of it in one article where it was used to space copy and pictures.
  3. No more than 4 or 5 bolded terms per page. And these need to be the actual terms we are optimizing for the page, product, or site. Dfcopy;cor should never be bolded, nor should any other generic term.
  4. Do not use <b> or <strong> To Bold a headline. Use <h2> instead for headlines. You can see where I replaced the strongs with <h2>s here for all of the paragraph heads: <h2> tags add lots of SEO and relevance to our pages. Every page needs at least one <h1> (which is the page header) and and <h2> (s). You can have multiple <h2> on a page, but only one <h1> and it is automatically coded from the page header field in cms.
  5. All info and articles pages need at least one image, THAT WE HAVE THE RIGHTS TO USE ῜ DO NOT SWIPE IMAGES ONLINE. Customer images are a great source for good product images, and add lots of credibility when we point out the fact these are actually customer images!
  6. Do not reproduce or copy any article from any other source. To put an article on our site that is from say the New York Times, even giving them credit, is not legal, and more and more media sites and others are hunting down violators and most cases end in cash settlements around $5k.
  7. All information pages and articles need a solid Call to Action for the related product(s). Put this where you want a CTA button :
    Click Here to View Our Large Collection of Sunbrella Fabrics
    Put in the cta copy, add an and you can link the div where you like. It will look like this: (the Shop Now button shows automatically to the right side, just remember to check the page when it goes live to make sure it renders nicely on the page). I edited the copy. Removed extra bold tags, added a new photo of production, added the cta banner, and added a large customer image.
  8. Keep all buttons, banners and styles consistent from page to page within each site or division.
  9. Hyper links in the copy of the articles needs to link to the articles on the site, not to another site of ours. For instance, the throw pillow page below links to umbrellasource in the first sentence.
  10. Instead of more than 200 hundred fabrics, or more than 500 fabrics, or more than 1000 fabrics, or thousands of fabrics…I have seen all of these in articles and page copy recently…Lets say we offer hundreds of fabrics, at least until we offer 2k+, then we can say thousands.

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